Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – A matter of healthy blood vessels

Erections are caused by the complex interaction of blood vessels, the nervous system, hormones and muscles. During an erection, blood flow increases in the penis and results in increased venous compression. The erectile tissue and its blood supply therefore play an important role in erectile function. Reduced arterial inflow leads to reduced venous compression and thus to an insufficient erection. Arteriosclerosis is one of the most common causes of ED. Risk factors for ED include chronic nicotine abuse, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, elevated blood lipids, chronic kidney disease, etc.

The evolution of ESWT ED

“Linear Shockwave Tissue Coverage” – A unique therapy concept
for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Supported scientifically, low-energy, focused shockwave therapy is defined as one of the “first-line” therapies by the European Association of Urology (EAU) Guidelines.

The use of point-focused shockwaves (Fig. 1) has shown good results in the treatment of vascular ED for some time.

Further development of piezo shockwave therapy source technology has created a new version with a linear, voluminous therapy focal zone. This innovation in therapy delivery has resulted in the breakthrough, optimized therapy approach LSTC-ED. This technology and application technique has decisively improved results.

The linearly focusing shockwave now makes it possible to treat the entire course of the corpus cavernosum quickly and comprehensively. The therapy source is applied at right angles to the corpora cavernosa (Fig. 2). It is guided longitudinally along the penis (corpora cavernosa (Fig. 3)) and the perineum (crura penis (Fig. 4)). This guarantees maximum and homogeneous energy application in the target tissue.

Treatment with the LSTC-ED technique and the PiezoWave²

We have taken the greatest possible care in researching and clinically refining this procedure. We are dedicated to providing evidence based therapies.

A prospective, multicentre placebo-controlled study (*) of 75 patients showed significant improvement in IIEF-5 score and successful treatment in 81% of patients after one month of treatment. Functional improvement was demonstrated 6 months after treatment, demonstrating the long-term effect of LSTC-ED treatment.

Fig. 1: Conventional ESWT technologies only allow a small area of energy delivery into the corpora cavernosa.

Fig. 2: By placing the therapy source at right angles to the course of the corpus cavernosum, the linearly focusing shockwave of the PiezoWave² makes it possible to treat the entire course of the corpus cavernosum quickly and comprehensively, thus guaranteeing maximum and homogeneous energy application into the target tissue.

Fig. 3: Line-focused shockwave therapy using the LSTC-ED technique along the corpora cavernosa.

Fig. 4: Line-focused shockwave therapy in LSTC-ED technique along the crura penis.

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